Dynamic Retainer Application for Stainless Steel

Dynamic Retainer Application for Stainless Steel

Retainer 1An anaerobic retainer is an adhesive which is used to lock and seal concentric components such as housings and splines. The use of retainers does not require the use of mechanical fastenings. The other applications for anaerobic retainers is to lock bearings in place, which prevents spinout and for assembling motor armatures

Retainers do not rely on the formation of a strong adhesive bond to keep the parts located, instead they make use of their high static shear strength to resist the stresses. In other words, it is the resistance to deformation of the solid adhesive polymer trapped in the gap between the surfaces that determines a retainers strength.

We had an interesting enquiry last week. A major manufacturer of farm machinery had developed a new stainless steel hydraulic mechanism and had requested our laboratory to specify a high strength retainer which had strong resistance to warm hydraulic oil.

As is standard in these types of enquiries, our laboratory received the fittings and a sample of the hydraulic oil. Our facilities enable us to test all of the important parameters while exposed to any oil, solvent or antifreeze material. We carried out a range of dynamic load testing on the bonded parts and for the application, we suggested our X30 Dynamic Strength Retainer.

This retainer offers exceptionally high strength under cyclic loads and has excellent resistance to hydraulic oil. With a breakloose torque of 40 N/Mmm² & a prevail torque of 47 N/Mmm² and excellent resistance to hot hydraulic oil, X30 Dynamic Strength Retainer was the best product to suggest. After exhaustive customer testing, our product was written into the customers manufacturing process.

We offer a range of retainers, from medium to high strength retainers which are commonly used in such applications as securing wheels, pulleys, gears and sleeves, to low strength retainers which find use in bearing brush’s or races in housings.

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