New Waterbased Adhesive for Gluing Insulation

New Waterbased Adhesive for Gluing Insulation

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Glue for gluing insulation is often solvent based. These glues often contain solvents, some of which are flammable or non-flammable, but both families of solvents are dangerous to health. Often, solvent free isocyanate adhesives are used but here again, the toxicity of isocyanate monomers is also the source of major concern.

DP 457In November 2014, a customer contacted us, looking for a solvent free, odourless, plasticiser free adhesive, which would be suitable for bonding phenolic foam to plasterboard & plywood. Also of importance was film build; the adhesive must not flow all over the boards in question. In addition, low temperature flexibility of the adhesive bonds was a paramount requirement.

Looking at the specific adhesive requirements & application method, our Adhesive Chemist looked at possible formulations. Given that the adhesive could not contain plasticisers, he had to work with naturally flexible & odourless  resins.

After several days of trials, we finally selected DP457 as satisfying  all of the customer requirements.

A customer trial followed and a full product approval was given. What are the benefits which DP457 offers?

  • Very low odour. Solvent free.
  • Fast grab on all substrates.
  • Excellent film build & film build retention.
  • Excellent adhesion to paper & foil faced insulating foam.
  • Excellent adhesion to PVC, EPS & phenolic foam.
  • Excellent adhesion to magnesium & calcium silicate panels.
  • Excellent adhesion to plasterboard, plywood, OSB and MDF.

DP457 is stocked & supplied in 25 kg Gerrycan’s, 120 kg open top drums & 1000 kg IBC’s.

The adhesives sector is dynamic. We develop solutions to meet changing market needs. We provide a broad range of chemistries for water-based adhesives & our research capabilities keep you ahead. As the leader in water-based adhesive technology, we optomise our formulation technology and provide you with the best value.