Gluing Acrylic Plastic ?

Gluing Acrylic Plastic ?

For the sign and display sector in Ireland, acrylic plastic and acrylic glue go hand in glove.

Acrylic exhibits glass-like qualities – clarity, brilliance, transparency, translucence – but at half the weight and up to 10 times the impact resistance of glass. It can be tinted or coloured, mirrored or made opaque. A number of coatings can be applied to a sheet or a finished part for performance enhancing characteristics such as scratch resistance, anti-fogging, glare reduction and solar reflective. Because it’s a thermoplastic and softens under extremely high temperatures, acrylic can be formed to virtually any shape. Incredibly durable, acrylic is a suitable solution over a broad temperature range, and has superior weathering properties compared to other plastics. What does acrylic plastic offer over other plastics?

  • It’s mouldable. With little heat, it is easy to shape and mould.
  • It’s durable. It’s impact resistance is legendary.
  • It’s weather stable. It stands up to UV light.
  • It’s non-yellow. Quality acrylic will maintain its clarity

Acrylic sheet is specified for use in thousands of products thanks to its ease of fabrication, low heat loss and attractive clear edge colour. From point-of-purchase displays to signage, acrylic is a good all-rounder.

For gluing acrylic, there are several adhesives. The choice depends of the proposed adhesive application method, joint dimensions and the item being fabricated.

Scigrip SG5000, Scigrip SG42 & Scigrip 4SC are the premium quality adhesives for gluing acrylic.

Both Scigrip SG5000 & SG42 are two component methacrylate adhesives. The former is a 1:1 mix ratio (1 part adhesive & 1 part hardener), the latter is a 10:1 mix ratio adhesives. Where are they used and what benefits do they offer?

SG5000 is an amber coloured structural adhesive which will bond acrylic parts which may be subjected to some weight bearing forces. It is available in working times of approximately 6, 9 & 19 minutes. No surface preparation is needed. It does need a gap between the substrates, typically minimum of 0.5 mm up-to a maximum of 2.0 mm. Supplied in 50 ml & 400 ml cartridges.

Scigrip SG42  is a water clear high strength adhesive. It is used in applications where an good clarity retention is required (a clear glue-line). An very versatile adhesive, having many applications within the sign & display sector. The product has a working time of approximately 20 minutes and needs a gap of minimum 0.1 mm up-to a maximum of 2.0 mm. Supplied in

50 ml cartridges. Both SG5000 & SG42 are exceptionally easy to use. The cartridge is inserted into the application gun and the cartridge cap is removed. The gun trigger is gently squeezed until both adhesive components are being extruded. The static mixer is attached to the cartridge and again the trigger is gently squeezed until adhesive is being extruded from the static mixer.

Scigrip 4SC is a water thin & water clear adhesive. It is a premium acrylic cement for use in the sign & display sector. Especially in cementing acrylic letters to acrylic panels and trim capping cut-out acrylic letters.

Scigrip 4SC can be applied either by soaking the areas to be bonded in the adhesive (the soak method) or the parts to be bonded are put together and adhesive applied to the joint using an adhesive filled syringe or from a bottle fitted with a dispensing tip (the capillary method).

In all cases, the adhesives should be used in accordance with the advice contained in the respective Technical Data Sheets for each adhesive. Contact the Glue Guru for instant professional advice.