Glues for the Sign & Display Sector

Glues for the Sign & Display Sector

Weldon Cement

As the economy in Ireland takes a turn for the better, over the past few months,  we have seen an increase in the market for adhesive products for use in the sign & display sector.

Exit SignSince the sign & display sector prefer adhesives which are clear and typically fast bonding, we offer the complete range of adhesives,  tapes & sealants, which fulfil almost all manufacturing processes within the sign, display and allied sectors.

Here at W.I Polymers, we can specify the optimum adhesive for bonding   all of the common substrates found in most sign & display applications.

Below are the most common grades for the sign, display & allied sectors. All products, together with the applicable static mixing nozzles, nozzle tips & guns are in stock.

SG42 Adhesive. This is a crystal clear two component adhesive suitable for bonding acrylic, butyrate, polycarbonate and Alucobond®. Excellent choice where a water clear joint is required. Excellent for use in the fabrication of ‘Museum Quality’ clear display cases etc. Available in 50 ml cartridges only.

SG5000 Adhesive. An amber two component structural adhesive with excellent environmental resistance. Primerless bonding of aluminium to itself. Also suitable for bonding ABS, Acrylics, PVC and polycarbonate. Excellent choice for bonding the metal structural components of both interior & exterior signs. Available in both 50 ml & 400 ml cartridges.

SG300 Adhesive. A two component structural adhesive which is available in black or off white. Very low exotherm (no read-through) with permanent structural toughness. Primerless bonding of epoxy, ABS, Acrylics, PVC (including foamed PVC) and styrene plastics. Excellent choice for bonding polycarbonate to Dibond®. Available in 50 ml & 490 ml cartridges.

X110-50. A UV cure adhesive designed for use in bonding clear glass & acrylic. Permanently non yellowing joints. Commonly used in rapidly gluing small decorative parts for bar displays etc. Available in 50 ml bottles only.

4SC Adhesive. A water thin and water clear cement for bonding plastics such as Acrylic, Polystyrene and Polycarbonate. The choice for bonding flat acrylic letters to flat acrylic sheet. Applied by either the soak or capillary method. Available in 473 ml tins only.

X15 Adhesive. A two component, amber, rapid cure adhesive for bonding galvanized steel or Zintec® alloy. Typically used to permanently bond heavy structural parts. The premium choice in the fabrication of filling station signs. Available in 25 ml, 50 ml & 400 ml cartridges.

Weld-On 16. A clear, medium bodied glue for bonding acrylics, polycarbonate, butyrate and a range of other plastics. Ideal for manufacturing sign housings, gluing letters & trim bonding.

U69 Sealant. A water clear sealant for bonding & sealing display case, illuminated sign channels & window display cabinets. The choice where an ecstatically clean, water clear joint is required. Available in 290 ml cartridges only.

U38 Adhesive Sealant. Available in white, black or grey. The premium sealant for use in permanently sealing large externally mounted signs. Excellent adhesion to a very wide range of metals and plastics. Excellent product for sealing bonded joints in exterior signage. The choice adhesive sealant for internally illuminated exterior signs. Available in white, grey & black in 290 ml cartridges. Also available in white in 600 ml foils.

T52 VST Adhesive Tape. A premium white acrylic foam tape. Available in a range of widths. Suitable for bonding the common plastic signage letters to plastic sheeting. Excellent temperature resistance.

T47 VST Adhesive Tape. A water clear acrylic tape. Used in applications where clarity is important.

Whatever sign & display application, we have an adhesive, tape or sealant to satisfy all requirements.