Hi-Bond® Thermally Conductive Tapes

Hi-Bond® Thermally Conductive Tapes

Glue Supplier

LED LightIreland’s best known adhesive tape company are pleased to introduce to manufacturing in Ireland, the range of Hi-Bond® thermally conductive tapes. Through the use of ceramic micro-spheres, thermally conductive tapes are designed to provide a heat transfer gateway between heat generating components & heat sinks, such as metal backings etc. Thermally conductive tapes offer the manufacturer several very unique properties including very high adhesion to many materials, very high mechanical strength & excellent heat conducting properties. We are offering two conductive tapes at present, VST7025W & VST7064WP. VST7025W is a 0.25 mm thick tape & VST7064WP is a 0.64 mm thick tape.

They are both double sided acrylic foam tapes which have very distinct visco-elastic properties which enables them to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction without any loss of adhesion. These tapes find many applications, including, but not limited to…..

  •  Fixing LED base board and housing.
  •  Fixing CPU and heat sink or radiation fin.
  •  Fixing elements of back light displays.
  •  Fixing various types of semiconductor package and heat sink.
  •  Fixing electronic parts and heat sink.
Hi-Bond ® thermally conductive tapes show the following performance properties,
  • Quick, clean & precise.
  • Replaces mechanical fixings such as screws & rivets.
  • Low thermal resistance and superior thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent adhesion for remarkable strength and reliability.
  • Seals against dust & moisture.
  • Excellent workability and ease of use.

Please contact our Technical Service Laboratory for specific advice. Samples are available upon request.