X50 A Novel Ultrastrong Threadlocker

X50 A Novel Ultrastrong Threadlocker

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The Newlands Cross Junction Upgrade is a major road construction project is South Dublin. Now complete and in  use, the upgrade replaced an existing signal controlled junction at Newlands Cross. The flyover was designed to carry N7 traffic up and over the R113 Fonthill Road & Belgard Road, thus making an easier journey for the estimated 80,000 cars which use the road every day.

A flyover was built, which was a 2-span bridge structure with extensive approach embankments on both the Naas & Dublin sides of the junction. Along stretches of the new road, several hotels and housing areas straddle both sides of the embankments and for several kilometres, a noise protection system made from powder coated aluminium was installed.

Considering the often gusty winds in this area, it was decided to use stainless steel bracing wires at the points where the panels were to meet at a pillar. Our X50 Dynamic Strength Threadlocker was specified for the application. X50 has a very beneficial non drip characteristic and a single drop, placed on each male threaded fastener, was all that was needed to ensure that the steel bracing wires were secure.

This was a small project for our Applications Laboratory but a very important one nonetheless.