Priming Silicate Panels

Priming Silicate Panels

Plasterboard was invented in the late 1880’s by Augustine Sackett & Fred Kane. Initially called ‘Sackett Board’, the product has been the standard within the construction industry for all internal walls. The key foible of plasterboard is that when it gets wet, it is destroyed, it is not structural in nature and it burns. Silicate building boards have been around for many years and offer the contractor a board which does not have the negative properties which plasterboard has.

However, silicate boards are difficult to coat with plaster or paint, mainly due to their porous, alkaline nature. Late last year, we were contacted and asked to develop a breathable primer for use on silicate board. The primer must be slow drying and have excellent adhesion to the board and any subsequent paint or stucco applied over it.

With this in mind, we got to work and we have developed a very unique textured primer for use on all types of silicate board. W296 was born. The primer may be applied by roller or brush. It has excellent adhesion, controlled drying and unlike traditional primers, our product is breathable and will not inhibit the transport of water vapour from the house to the atmosphere. The products unique flow means that it flows into every imperfection on the surface of the board and it forms a very durable primer film. When the primer dries, it is possible to overcoat it with one of our Silicone Resin Emulsion Paints (SREP’s). A perfect combination!

W296 received an excellent review when introduced at the Eco Hub Forum in April 2014. Architects & Surveyors alike were impressed with a product offering such a range of properties within one product.

Samples are available upon request.