Our Services

ChemistryAnyone who wants to operate successfully in the manufacturing sector needs a strong partner by their side. When you purchase products from us, you are not just dealing with another order seeker or non-technical salesman. Our business goes far beyond selling adhesives as we offer total solutions to meet your manufacturing needs. We offer a complete product range and technical solutions in the area of industrial adhesives & sealants. Our sales and technical people are experts backed by an extensive technical knowledge & research facilities. They are focused on positively impacting your manufacturing processes.

We can answer any technical question and then find the best solution to suit your manufacturing needs.

You want results……? We go all the way and set ourselves apart from our competitors by addressing your manufacturing issues quickly & cost effectively. We are not a sales company…we are a research based manufacturer.

The Glue Guru has been in the business for 29 years, named inventor in 12 patents, he is at the top of his game. You would not believe how many times he has come across companies using the wrong adhesive giving often problematic bonds & long manufacturing times. Why suffer? There is an optimum adhesive for every job, just call the Guru!

Compared to other adhesive suppliers, how are we unique?

  • We operate a an extremely technologically advanced manufacturing facility with pharmaceutical industry grade processing equipment including mixers, filters and pumps.
  • Our research and development laboratory is possibly the best equipped facility of any Irish company. This facility is equipped with all of the equipment need to answer your questions. We will carry out tensile, shear and peel tests on your materials and suggest the best adhesive to suit your manufacturing process needs.
  • We are Irelands ‘Greenest’ adhesives manufacturer and we excel in the development and manufacture of water-based adhesives for textile fibre & wood fibre bonding.
  • We can give you immediate answers to your manufacturing questions, in the most cost effective way possible
  • We keep a very diverse range of adhesives in stock. When you need a product quickly, you can depend on us to get it to you in the fastest possible time.
  • We can customise any of our adhesives to suit your manufacturing needs.
  • We won’t give you a handful of adhesives and ask you to pick the best one; we can supply you with bonded samples of your materials for evaluation.
  • We understand the importance of speed in addressing a gluing issue, therefore we can invite you to our laboratory where we can test different adhesives and select the best one to suit your job!
  • Can’t come to us? Well we’ll go to you. We are the only adhesives company in Ireland to have a full equipped mobile laboratory. This facility offers you the convenience of being able to fully evaluate different adhesives to meet your production needs.
  • We are at the forefront of manufacturing technology and to do this, we maintain the largest technical library in Ireland and stay abreast of the latest developments in bonding technology.
  • You are dealing with the experts. From start to finish, we are experts in what we do.