UV Glue

UV Glue IrelandUV Glue for glass and plastic gluing

UV glue is used in a wide variety of industrial sectors in Ireland.

They offer the industrial user high speed curing, reducing process times and eliminating fastening thus increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing the cost of the processes.

UV products are single component adhesive, which do not need to be mixed with another component, thus eliminating the possibility of error during the mixing process as well as the equipment for mixing. They allow quick and easy verification of the joint by fluorescence of the adhesive, which is an economic non-destructive test and can be easily automated.

UV Glue Ireland

There is also the possibility of combined cured adhesives, which use temperature, humidity & activators in order to cure the adhesive in areas where ultraviolet light does not reach.

As the proud supply partners of Scigrip UV cure adhesive, we offer their range of UV cure products, which are used in the optical industry sector for bonding lenses to the frame of the glasses, the electronics sector it is used for bonding and sealing components on electronic boards, the decorative sector uses it to build tables and glass furniture, lamps, jewellery, earrings, and other decorative items. However the biggest market for us is the sign & display sectors, shop-fitting and plastic display manufacturers.

All of our UV adhesives are supplied in 50g or 250g bottles. For high volume assembly applications, we can offer dispensing systems to suit all packaging sizes. It is important that in order to avoid premature adhesive cure, all UV cure adhesive feed lines must be black & fully opaque.

UV 106 A general purpose adhesive which cures with both UV and visible light of good intensity. suitable for bonding glass & metals and finds widespread use in the sign & display sector. The adhesive is suitable for bonding rigid and flexible PVC’s.
UV 110 A low viscosity adhesive designed for gluing glass to glass and glass to metal. Suitable for gluing glass towers, lecterns, shelves. Also suitable for gluing metal handles & closers to doors. Providing a degree of flexibility and toughness to resist shock and give ultimate bond strength.
UV 150 A medium viscosity adhesive. Non-yellowing, clear adhesive primarily designed for glass bonding, although it will bond glass to a variety of metals and other materials. This product is also suitable as a medium viscosity (MV) bevel bonder.
UV 188 A high viscosity structural bonding UV adhesive, designed to bond glass to glass, and glass to metals with a degree of flexibility and toughness to resist shock and give ultimate bond strength. Ideal choice for the gluing glass to steel pillars and in the manufacture of multi wall laminates.

When not in use, UV Cure Adhesives should be stored in a dark press.