Structural Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape IrelandStructural adhesive tape are used all over Ireland, and we are recognised as the ‘go-to’ company. As the most well known supplier of structural tape in Ireland, we offer a range of 35 structural adhesive tapes to suit most applications.

These tapes offer permanent adhesion between various materials including a whole host of plastics, metals and composite materials. They are a proven alternative to mechanical fixings such as screws, rivets and welding.

Our adhesive tapes are used all over Ireland. They are typically used in bonding most non porous substrates and are used in fabricating  control panels, making name plates, fastening panels, bonding sliding runners and in the general sign manufacturing sector. These tapes are very commonly used to hold parts together while a secondary adhesive (such as any one of our methacrylate, epoxy or polyurethane ) adhesives are curing. These tapes are typically 12 mm wide and the rolls are between 16.5 meters  & 33 meters long. The thickness if the tapes is typically between 0.4 & 1.2 mm.

The tapes are divided into nine families of functional use:

1. General purpose grades for ceramics & composites.

2. High shear & peel tapes with high heat resistance.

3. Clear adhesive tapes for bonding clear glass & plastics.

4. Automotive tapes for bonding metals & composites.

5. Grades for bonding typically hard to bond to plastics.

6. Tapes for the rail & marine sector.

7. Tapes for use in very cold conditions.

8. Thermally conductive tapes for bonding heat sinks in electronics.

9. Frame retardant adhesive tapes meeting UP94 VL0 for use in the in the aerospace, rail & marine sector.

We offer a full technical specification service for customers considering using structural tapes in fabrication.

These tapes are suitable for:

  • Bonding letters to signs.
  • Fixing roof & side panels to frameworks.
  • Fixing skylights.
  • Mounting badges & emblems.
  • Bonding air inlet grills.
  • Bonding decorative trim’s such as kick plates & door trims.
  • Bonding metal stiffeners to panels (especially for refrigerated trucks).
  • Mounting decorative attachments.
  • Very extensive use in the automotive sector for bonding spoilers, trims, sensors etc.

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Please consult the Technical Data Sheet for the specific use and limitations of each structural tape.

Surfaces must be clean and free of all contaminants such as water, grease or dirt. We would suggest our Z100 or X35 for cleaning surfaces.

Check out the Guru’s ‘Using Structural Tapes Successfully’ .