Our sealants play a very important part in today’s manufacturing environment. We are pleased to offer the best of Hybrid, SPUR, Polyurethane & MS technology. These products represent the youngest product generation of polymers for moisture curing elastic adhesives & are extremely flexible sealants!

What are hybrids? Hybrids are silane-crosslinking organic polymers that combine properties typical of both silicones and polyurethanes. They are highly versatile yet easy and safe to use as the are isocyanate- & solvent-free.

In recognition of the development of SPUR products, they were awarded   “Construction Sealants New Product Innovation Award” in 2011, acknowledging this technology as truly ground-breaking. We supply all over Ireland.

These adhesives and sealants offer a higher performance than traditional silicone systems. They encompass those characteristics attainable with the former established systems yet go further by offering greater advantages such as a broad range of elasticity and strength – from low-modulus sealants to high-strength adhesives, fast & complete curing exceptionally long shelf life, tack-free surface without dirt pick-up.

 U69 U69 is the latest product to come from our research efforts. The product is a glass clear, exceptionally elastic and durable adhesive sealant based on MS chemistry. The product is used in the security sector where it is used to seal and bond safety glass. It is commonly seen in the office fit-out sector where it is used to bond and seal glazing partition systems, preparing pads for table supports and frame supports, bonding and sealing display case channels and window display cabinets and in a whole host of applications where a glass clear joint is required. Available in 290 ml cartridges.
U42 U42 is a highly flexible single component, neutral cure hybrid based sealant and adhesive. It is used to seal both internal & external horizontal and vertical joints. It has excellent adhesion to aluminium, stainless and galvanized steel, zinc, copper, natural stone, concrete, brick, cement, gypsum, glass and various other synthetic materials. U42 can be used to seal joints in construction sandwich panels and in bonding & sealing floor panels, seal edges in insulated glass units (IGU’s), seal air conditioning joints, seal prefab construction and seal & bond roofing and façade elements. Available in black & white in 290 ml cartridges & 600 ml foil packs.
U38 U38 is a extremely fast curing sealant based on our novel SPUR technology. The product has exceptionally high initial bond strength and is suitable for interior & exterior applications. U38 has set the standard in sealant adhesives for use in the automotive sector. It is used as a seam sealer & a fast cure adhesive for bonding supports, grills, stiffeners  and aluminium panels within the truck sector. It also finds use in the fabrication sector where it is used to seal joints & bond ribs, brackets and fittings. Available in black, white & grey in 290 ml cartridges & 600 ml foil packs.
U26 U26 is a single component sealant based on polyurethane chemistry. It exhibits fast cure, high elasticity & low modulus. The product is used to seal joints on all common building materials including most masonry & metal materials. U26 has particularly established itself within the farm building sector where it is used to seal joints in silage pits, feed silo’s and water tanks. The product forms a tough weather proof seal. Available in black & grey in 600 ml foil packs.

Certifications U42: ISO 11600-G Class 25HM & ATG 92/1907

Certifications U38: KMO Certification, IKI Certification for Hospital use

Certification U26: ATG 92/107 & SNJF Certified

Please consult the individual product data sheets for specific information on product use and limitations. These products are available in cartridge & sausage packaging formats. Various colours are also available.