Water Based Glue

Waterbased PVA Glue IrelandMultifunctional Water Based Glue

Waterbased glue is used in a myriad of applications and we are the leading research, development & manufacturing company in Ireland. Customers have come to us to fulfil their water-based glues product needs & our unique strength comes from our custom adhesive formulation technology and our polymer technology.

We use both natural and synthetic raw materials and the latest technology available, to create products that satisfy our customers’ needs. Our commercial, technical and manufacturing footprint enables us to deliver water-based adhesive products tailored to the needs of our customers and serve their diverse range of applications. All of our waterbased products are solvent free, isothiazolone free & plasticiser free. We are recognised as experts in several specific areas of adhesive technology, in particular, the development & manufacture of formaldehyde free adhesives for textile and wood fibre bonding and specialist technology in adhesives & coatings for Spaceloft & Promatect.

Our industrial water based glues are used is used in the following sectors:

  • Paper Packaging. Adhesives for high speed laminating of corrugated materials.
  • Converting. Adhesives for box closing, tray erecting.
  • Laminating. Adhesives for laminating insulation materials.
  • Technical Film Laminating. Specialist adhesives for film lamination in the aerospace sector.
  • Woodworking. Single component waterproof wood adhesives.
  • Technical Textiles. Okeo Tex 100 Certified adhesives for textile laminating & flock coating.
  • Cleanroom Fabrication. Fully FDA Regulated adhesives for sandwich panel manufacture.

We are continually formulating & developing different adhesives to meet the ever changing customer demand. No matter what sector you are in and no matter what your application is, we can formulate and manufacture and water-based adhesive to suit your requirements exactly.

We are the ‘greenest’ manufacturer of  a range of individually tailored products based on various types chemistries including acrylic, polyurethane, siloxane & hybrid technologies.

W16 Suitable for laminating technical textiles
W26 Single component D3 wood adhesive
W36 Suitable for bonding laminated stock to itself and other paper based substrates
W46 Fast setting carton sealing grade
W56 Fast setting laminating grade for paper & cardboard
W66 Suitable for bonding PE coated card to other paper based substrates
W76 Very fast setting grade for box closing & tray erection
W86 Suitable for carton gluing & tray erecting.
W96 Roller applied adhesive suitable for bonding paper and foil faced PU to EPS.
W106 Single component D4 wood adhesive.
W116 Fibre bonding adhesive.
W226 Fibre bonding adhesive.
W236 Fibre bonding adhesive.
W246 Slow setting carton sealing grade.
W256 Suitable for glue lap on corrugated cases.
W266 Pressure sensitive grade for film lamination.
W276 Suitable for high speed carton closing.
W286 Roller applied insulating laminating adhesive for bonding to porous substrates.
W290 Spray applied coating for use on glass-fibre, polyamide & Aramid
W300-LV Specified spray applied laminating adhesive for bonding Spaceloft & Promatect®™ to porous substrates.
W300-HV Specified brush / roller applied laminating adhesive for bonding Spaceloft®™  & Promatect®™ to porous substrates.
DP457 Roller applied adhesive designed for bonding foil & paper faced PU/PIR to magnesium silicate panels.
DP459 A high solids pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding non porous materials & filmic materials