DrumsAdhesive solvents are typically used either for degreasing substrates or parts before bonding or for cleaning application equipment. Most solvents, such as thinners, contain water as an impurity. Cellulose thinners are a mixture of several solvents and it too also commonly contains water. The secret of a good cleaning agent is that it must be a pure solvent, free of water & dry without leaving residues on the surfaces being cleaned. The product must have excellent solvency but not attack the parts being cleaned.

Unlike standard thinners or cellulose thinners, our solvents are pure distillates which do not contain any water or residues.

They offer controlled evaporation to ensure complete removal of contaminants and they do not interfere with any subsequent processes such as powder coating.

X35 Slow evaporating solvent for degreasing  all plastics, metals and glass. It has a very controlled rate of evaporation & exellent solvent cleaning. It is very effective in removing light contaminents such as grease, release agent & fingerprints. Supplied in pump spray bottles.
T556 Very strong fast evaporating solvent used for degreasing metals only. Excellent solvency and very effective in removing heavy level contamination such as lubricating oils, anti-corrosion oils & light grease. Supplied in 5 lt cans.
Pronatur Orange Solvent Can be used as a cleaner and degreaser for removing mineral oil based problem. It removes waxes, adhesives, semicured paint, varnish and oil-based inks. The product is ideal for cleaning oil spills from hard surfaces, cleaning engines and other mechanical mechanisms. It an also be used in ultrasonic baths and in a variety of parts washing equipment. The product is fully biodegradable, non-flammable, has a low residue. It does not contains  chlorinated solvents. Supplied in a trigger spray bottle or an aerosol.