Gluesticks & Hot Glue Guns

We are the largest distributor of glue sticks in Ireland. Glue sticks are 11.5 mm in diameter and 300 mm long. Both H20 & H50 will fulfil most manufacturing applications & are used in a myriad of applications.  We also stock four different types of hot glue guns. Although all of these hot glue guns are suitable for both adhesives, we generally specify a particular hot glue gun to suit the glue output specified by the customer.

Please read our paper entitled ‘Using Glue Guns Successfully’ which gives potential users the information needed to for the successful use of glue guns.

H20 Clear slow set hot melt glue sticks.H20 glue sticks are available in 10 stick packs & 5 kg boxes.

  • Floristry & flower arranging
  • Fabric & plastic gluing
  • Badges & emblems
  • Blinds & lampshades
  • Model making
  • Foam bonding
  • Automotive trims
  • Wire & component tacking
  • Battery manufacture
  • Picture frames
  • Gluing magnets
  • General assembly
H50 Tan fast set hot melt glue sticks.H50 glue sticks are available in 10 stick packs & 5 kg boxes.

  • Carton sealing
  • Point of sale displays
  • Contract packing
  • Tile displays
  • Sample books
  • Coil terminating
  • Sample books
  • Corner blocks
  • Carpet gripper attachment
  • Wood reinforcements
  • Upholstery & furniture
GU8 The GU8 gluegun is a light use very light industrial & DIY gun. Glue output is 800g/Hour.
GU12 The GU12 gluegun is similar to the GU8 but it has a higher melt rate and suitable for light industrial jobs and DIY applications. Glue output is 1.0 kg/Hour
GU16 The GU16 gluegun is a heat adjustable mid-use industrial gluegun suitable for use where control of adhesive temperature is required, typically where heat sensitive materials are being bonded. Commonly used in the window blind and florist sector). Glue output is 2.0 kg/Hour.
GU20 The GU20 gluegun is heat adjustable industrial gluegun which finds typical use in the corrugated board sector where it is used for gluing point-of-sale displays. It is a lightweight gun with finely engineered ergonomic features thus reducing user fatigue. Glue output is 2.5 kg/Hour.