Dispensing Equipment

Our glues are used all over Ireland for a wide variety of bonding, thread locking, gasketing and sealing applications. For some jobs, it is sufficient to dispense the product directly from the supply container, onto the surfaces to be joined. However in other cases, a more precise and automated despensing system may be required.

In addition to the standard equipment available, we can design and build equipment based on customers requirements to provide unique application solutions.

Hand held applicators for single & two component products. These are ergonomically designed applicators for application of single & two component adhesives & sealants directly from the original supply packaging. They are used for the following products.

Applicators for 50 ml cartridges of elastic adhesives & sealants. Manual & pneumatic applicators for elastic sealants and adhesives supplied in 290 ml, 310 ml and 600 ml formats.

Applicators for two component products.  These are ergonomically designed applicators for the application of  10:1, 2:1 and 1:1 two component adhesives and sealants which are supplied in 200 ml, 380 ml, 400 ml & 490 ml cartridges.

We also stock & supply a range of static mixing nozzles for our two component methacrylates, epoxies and polyurethanes, supplied in many pack sizes.

Static mixers with leur lock style for all 1:1 cartridge sizes

Static mixers with leur lock style for all 2:1 & 10:1

From stock, we can supply a complete range of precision tips which are used on both bottled adhesive and cartridge supplied adhesives.

The Polypro dispensing tips have a gauge size of 14 to 30 and are used on all sizes of cyanoacrylate & anaerobic bottles. These tips have a plastic hub & tube and are very useful where reactive adhesives, such as threadlockers, are used.

Static mixer tips are available which suit the standard stepped end self tapping threaded static mixer. These will suite all static mixer sizes & designs.

All tips are available in an extensive range of bore diameters and lenghts.