Gluing Wood

Gluing Wood

Gluing wood with our adhesives.

For gluing wood, there are several adhesives to choose from, each offering a balance of ease of use with overall bond integrity.

They are used in a multitude of applications. Our X25 product is an excellent product for gluing wood. Due to its unique viscosity, it will not soak into the wood fibres, thus leaving the entire adhesive on the surface of the joint, exactly where it is needed. X65 has established itself in the modelling / prototype sector where it is commonly used to bond balsa and bass wood.

X180 is the standard for mitre joint bonding applications. It is a rapid cure bond system which cuts down dramatically on mitre assembly bonding times when compared to conventional wood adhesives. The gel formulation & low substrate soak-in, give greater bond strength than conventional cyanoacrylates on porous surfaces. It is used in all cornice and profile mitres, trims, picture frames, MDF, skirting and architrave joints.

For the structural bonding of small wood parts, X5 is unbeatable. It is a rapid curing non sag two component epoxy adhesive with excellent gap filling properties. It is designed to provide rapid setting and bond strength development and is excellent for general purpose repair applications. This adhesive has high temperature & moisture resistance, and is very easy to use.

But like all epoxy adhesives, it does not require pressure while curing – clamping actually weakens bond!

For joint filling applications, X95 is hard to beat. It is a two component metal filled epoxy adhesive which has many applications in wood bonding. The product is typically used to fill gaps & cracks in wood.

Solvent based adhesives find very widespread applications in wood bonding. For veneering, both Thixofix & Contact 21 are commonly used. Thixofix is a very unique purpose brush / trowel applied synthetic rubber adhesive. It spreads like butter and allows applicators to reposition materials while the adhesive is still wet. It is excellent for bonding laminated plastics to wood, hardboard, chipboard, etc. Contact 21 is a purpose brush applied solvent based synthetic rubber adhesive which forms a strong permanent bond. Suitable for use with decorative laminates (e.g. Formica®), Chipboard, Plywood, Block board, Hardboard, Natural Wood Veneers etc. Contact 21 does contain Toluene solvent; another version designated Contact 21 TF.

For waterproof joints & laminations, the AF145 Polyurethane Wood Glue is hard to beat!

For bonding decorative laminates onto MDF, S248 is the suggested product. Where higher heat resistance is required, for example in lighted display cases, S1922 is suggested. Both of these adhesives are very high quality spray applied adhesives, offering easy application and rapid processing.

For structural load bearing applications such as beams or flooring panels, an isocyanate adhesive such as AF145 is hard to beat!

This product, like all of our other isocyanate adhesives, cures quickly to give joints the utmost bond-line integrity.

Finally, PVA wood glues have been around for over 100 years. We have a water-based wood glue to suite all applications. For general purpose jointing & dowelling applications, W26 is the top choice. For structural load bearing applications, our W106 is the one to use. This is a D4 water resistant single component wood adhesive, of choice quality.