Gluing Paper & Card

Gluing paper

Gluing paper with industrial glues.

As Ireland’s largest manufacturer of PVA Glue, we will have a PVA Glue to suit many applications. There are various types of adhesive that can be used to glue paper & card.

The choice of adhesive depends on several factors such as the type of paper or card, its porosity and how quickly it is required to dry. Most white glues fall under the category of PVAs (polyvinyl acetates). This family includes both water-based industrial glue and DIY / craft glue.

PVA craft glue for bonding paper is generally very low quality white glue designed to wash out with water even when dried. The highest quality PVA glues are water-based products based on VAE (Vinyl Acetate Ethylene), or acrylic resins.

There is a PVA glue to suit all applications. Contact the Glue Guru for advice

For gluing light card or thin materials, a high solids PVA glue is needed!

The solids contend is the amount of solid glue suspended in the water. We have several high solids adhesives for gluing paper, some of them can be applied by hand from bottles or brush.

For industrial customers, we offer a range of water based adhesives for all of the applications seen in this sector, for example:

  • Carton manufacture (side tank and overhead gluing)
  • Window patching
  • Bag and sack manufacture
  • Corrugated case manufacture
  • Litho laminated carton manufacture (single & double faced)
  • Seam & crash lock gluing
  • Box covering & file manufacture
  • Laminating (reel to sheet & sheet to sheet)
  • Bonding specialised films (such as aluminium foil) to paper
  • Craft sector

W36 is a fast drying adhesive which is used to bond coated card to card, typically used in the manufacture of food packaging.

W66 is a similar type adhesive which is used to bond PE coated card to card. For high speed gluing of card, we offer W46, W56 and W86. These adhesives differ mainly in their drying time and initial tack. We have a range of other adhesives used in specific sectors. As an example, W96 is used to paper and foil faces insulation materials to substrates like polystyrene, plasterboard, magnesium silicate board and wood.

W266 is a pressure sensitive adhesive which finds use in gluing metal & paper films to wood and card.

W226 is also used to glue foam to wood and card, used to make protective packaging.

Glue sticks are also commonly used to glue cardboard. Glue sticks are more commonly found in the box-closing sector and in companies making point of sale (POS) displays. Our H20 & H50 glue sticks are premium products, offering a common ease of use with specific drying times to suite all applications.

The craft sector is a major consumer of adhesives. We manufacture W361 which is a Decoupage Glue. It has excellent flexability, dries clear and has high water resistance.

All of our waterbased glues for paper & card are solvent free and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are the Greenest Glues in Ireland.

Our experience, technical capability and modern manufacturing plant combine to offer high performance adhesives which satisfy both general & specific needs with optimum cost effectiveness!