Gluing Glass

Gluing Glass

Gluing glass with industrial glues.

Whenever glass is being glued or sealed, consideration must be given to the visibility of  glue. There are several products within our portfolio suitable for gluing & sealing glass.

Several adhesive families such as two component epoxy resin and two component polyurethane adhesives have some applications in glass bonding but for the structural bonding of glass our X110 will give exceptional performance. This product cures with both UV and visible light of good intensity.  There are other adhesives solutions that may have applications in glass bonding but these products are typically suggested on a case by case basis.

For gluing small glass parts, X5 epoxy glue is suggested. It is a fast cure two component glue which is ideal for small repairs or ornaments etc.

For gluing decorative metal pieces onto glass, either our X110 glue or any one of our transparent adhesive tapes are suggested.

A recently developed product and a new addition to our portfolio is U69. This is a MS Hybrid polymer which is highly elastic and durable. It is suitable for gluing glass partitions, gluing display cases and gluing door handles.

Check out the Glue Guru’s recent blog on Gluing Plastic to Glass.

It is important that all glass materials are clean and free of all surface contamination. We suggest the use of our X35 degreaser for small areas or Z100 for larger areas.

For gluing glass together or for gluing different materials to glass or indeed sealing glass, we would suggest contacting the Glue Guru directly for advice.