Gluing Ceramic and Masonry

Gluing ceramic and masonry

Gluing ceramic and masonry with industrial glues.

There are several adhesives suitable for gluing & repairing China, ceramic, pottery  & masonry surfaces. Depending on the item being glued and its size, it  is possible to use either two component epoxy resin or two component acrylic adhesive to bond ceramic & masonry substrates. Both ceramic glues have the property of being able to be sanded after the ceramic glue has cured. These glues are typically used in repairing pottery, China or porcelain.

When gluing ceramic or masonry, it is best to work on a flat surface with wax paper and also do a few practice put/push fit tests.This will give you an idea of the fit pattern and the amount of force needed to bring the parts together.

Clamping the halves too tightly will drive out most of the adhesive thus leaving to a starved joint. Maintaining a gap of 0.1 mm using thin wire is suggested.

X35 is suitable for use when cleaning up a joint but this must be done before the adhesive has cured.

Chemistry Grading

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent

Material Type

Surface Preparation Required

Adhesive Suggested Chemistry

Concrete Remove any deteriorating or weak concrete until sound concrete is exposed. Remove any surface grime with wire-brushing. If possible, sand blast or mechanically scrape the top 3mm layer of concrete in area to be bonded. Remove all dust (we recommend vacuuming). Degrease with detergent solution
  • Two component acrylic
  • Two component epoxy
Ceramic Remove the glaze from the bonding area. Degrease with Z100.
  • Two component acrylic
  • Two component epoxy
Marble Remove loose material with a stiff brush. Brush clean
  • Two component acrylic
  • Two component epoxy
Stone Remove loose material with a stiff brush. Brush clean.
  • Two component acrylic
  • Two component epoxy

Bonding masonry type substrates is reasonably straight forward. For bond longevity and ease of application, epoxy resin adhesives are the best choice. Products like fast cure X5 or slow cure X95 are very suitable for bonding these materials. Two component acrylic adhesives such as X10 are also used due to the clearer glue-line.

For repairing pottery or repairing ceramic pieces, X5 is the choice of amateurs & prodessionals all over Ireland. Many professional pottery repair studio’s in Ireland use X5 for a multitude of repair tasks and its strength & durability are legend.

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