Glue Ireland

Research and development plays a key role in the support which we offer to our customers. The results of which enable us to  offer Ireland’s largest range of industrial glue & speciality sealant technologies. We can meet almost every requirement of industry through the most comprehensive and versatile range of problem solving products available. Our products and those of our partners are based on advanced formulations that deliver long lasting results under the most demanding environmental conditions. Glue Ireland

Our products can be seen in hundreds of applications throughout Ireland and further afield. In the automotive sector, our two component structural adhesives are used to bond composite panels is vehicle manufacture. Our adhesives are also used to bond insulation to car doors and bonnets. Our polyurethane sealants are used to seal internal components.

Our sealants are used to seal metal to metal and metal to composite joints. In the marine sector, our sealants are used to seal deck joints and internal and horizontal connecting joints. Our butyl rubber products are used to seal around window & door frames.

The sign & displays sector benefit from the use of both methacrylate and polyurethane adhesives for bonding various plastics such as acrylic, polypropylene and polycarbonate. Our UV cure adhesives are used in applications where the utmost clarity is required. The security & safety sector use our two component adhesives & tapes for manufacturing security doors for prisons & police stations.

Glue IrelandThe construction sector also benefits from our adhesive technology. Our butyl & polyurethane products are used in a whole host of applications including roof installation and repair. Our bespoke Waterbased adhesives are used to seal & bond different types of metal & wood materials to various insulating media including PU, PIR & phenolic .

The woodworking & joinery business use our adhesives for bonding decorative laminates to a whole host of materials including MDF, chipboard & OSB. Our structural polyurethane adhesives are used in joinery applications.

We are Ireland’s most respected manufacturer of formaldehyde free adhesive for bonding both textile and wood fibresGlue Ireland Our water-based textile adhesives are used in both flock coating & non woven applications. Our water-based adhesives are also used in the manufacture of MDF & chipboard, replacing commonly used MUF resins.

Plastics & composite bonding forms one of the core technologies which we offer. Through our supply partner Scigrip Structural Adhesives, we offer the complete range of 1:1 & 10:1 structural methacrylate chemistries, which are used in a very wide range of applications throughout the bus, rail, truck and caravan sectors.

Glue IrelandFor a wide range of electronic and electrical assembly operations, we have a range of products for encapsulating delicate electronic components, battery manufacture & general component bonding. Our epoxy resin is used in the manufacture of metal detectors & smoke alarms. Our water clear polymers are used to seal joints in the manufacture of solar panels.

The packaging sector benefit from our unique range of unique high solids water-based adhesives which are used in box closing, tray erection and in the manufacture of protective packaging for delicate items.

Our threadlocker products, retainers and hydraulic sealants are used in all manner of applications including furniture manufacture, motor assembly & repair, manufacture of trucks, buses and all types of vehicles.

We do more than manufacture or specify adhesives and sealants. We are committed to providing manufacturers with unmatched service, top-of-the-line technical expertise and innovative thinking. Our goal is to meet all of our customers manufacturing needs through new formulations, new products and the improvement of existing products. We know that our success depends on your success.