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Options For Textile Gluing.
4 Apr
Glue Supplier Ireland High performance textile glue. If you are using textiles, and looking for replacements for standard hot melt gluesticks or adhesive tapes, why don’t you consider using one of our waterbased textile glues? Developed and manufactured in Ireland, our glue products are stocked …
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A Brief Look At Glue Crosslinking Agents.
30 Mar
Glue Supplier Ireland ┬áLets get together!! Glue crosslinking agents, kickers, hardeners…many names for a range of products which make our glues and sealants even better! And if you are looking for the right glue with the right crosslinking agent, look no further! But first of all, let us look …
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Looking For Coloured Silicone Sealant?
3 Mar
Glue supplier Ireland Bespoke sealants in RAL colours. Are you looking for silicone sealants in a range of RAL colours……not just black and white? Are you looking for coloured silicone sealants, available in a variety of pack sizes? Are you looking coloured silicone sealants when you want …
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Smart Plastic Glue!
28 Feb
Glue Ireland Looking for a rapid plastic glue? There will be a time when you need to join ‘A to B’. Choosing the right glue is a task that requires a deep knowledge of the materials and an encyclopaedic knowledge of adhesive technology. Gluing plastic is no different. Glues and …
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Take A Look At Our Butyl Tapes.
1 Feb
Glue Supplier Ireland Sealant and glue on a roll! As a class of adhesive tapes, butyl tapes are really in a class of their own. Versatile and reliable, their non-hardening elastic properties are legend. Where are they used? Well their prime use lies within the construction sector, especially in the …
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The Mobile Glue System.
24 Jan
Glue supplier Ireland The super portable glue application system. Looking to use an upholstery foam and carpet glue, but don’t have access to compressed air onsite? Our new pressurised 17 kg glue canister will enable you to apply spray glue with ease. No compressor needed and can be use again …
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