About Us

Welcome to W. I Polymers, we are known as ‘The Adhesives Solutions Company’.

If you are looking for glue in Ireland, you are in the correct place. We are the only, wholly Irish owned, research based adhesives manufacturer & supplier. We are the ‘’go to ‘’ company for all of your gluing & sealing questions & problems. Our adhesive services to the manufacturing sector go from advisory to specification and finally supply. Our adhesive solutions provide cost effective solutions to your manufacturing needs. We are not just another glue seller, we are a research based manufacturer & adhesives, sealants & functional products.

We are located in South Dublin where we maintain a state of the art 10,000 sq/ft manufacturing & storage facility with full research & development laboratories. Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the full suite of pharmaceutical grade state of the art manufacturing equipment. We are the only adhesives manufacturer in Ireland to use a Ytron Process Mixers for manufacturing adhesives. We have a range of mixing vessels, from 25 kg pilot plant mixers to 500 lt, 1000 lt & 1500 lt vessels. We also use a 500 lt heated vessel for manufacturing adhesive pre-mix product’s.  


We maintain very extensive stocks of all of the products which we manufacture & sell. We export our products and technology to Europe, Africa & Asia

At the core of our business is over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, half of that in the development, manufacture and specification of industrial coatings and adhesives. Over 80 different types of adhesives & coatings reflect the universal product range, eminently suitable for the industrial manufacturer, craftsman & consumer alike.