Looking For Coloured Silicone Sealant?

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Bespoke sealants in RAL colours.

Are you looking for silicone sealants in a range of RAL colours……not just black and white? Are you looking for coloured silicone sealants, available in a variety of pack sizes? Are you looking coloured silicone sealants when you want them and where you need them?

If the answers are yes, look no further. As the longstanding bespoke supplier of silicone sealants, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our RAL Silicone Colour Range for 2017.

These bespoke RAL coloured silicone sealants are based on low modulus neutral cure silicone resins, the ideal chemistry  which does not attack masonry surfaces such as granite and marble.

Coloured silicone sealants are truly ideal where a seamless joint is required, and the sealant colour must be a close approximation to its surroundings. As an example, our coloured silicone sealants are used in the manufacture and installation of bathroom furniture, work tops, bath edges, splash backs. They also fine extensive use in the installation of fitted kitchens, stairs and architraves.

So what benefits will our coloured silicone sealants offer you?

  • Excellent adhesion and waterproofing properties.
  • Available in an exceptionally wide range of colours.
  • Choice of pack sizes, 210 ml, 400 ml and 600 ml.
  • Can be colour matched to suit bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
  • Contains low toxicity fungicide, which prevents mould growth in high humidity areas such as bathrooms.

So next time you have a requirement for silicone sealants perfectly matched to RAL colour cards, speak to our experts!