Innovative Glues For Today’s Manufacturing Sector.

Glue Ireland

Our glue and sealant technology is expanding.

Many of todays most significant developments in glue’s and mastic sealant’s are the result of our natural curiosity about product development, and how our products interact with your materials.

Through research, we continually endeavour to expand our range of functional products. As an example of this, we are the only Irish manufacturer of 100% biodegradable degreasers for a range of metals, composites and plastics.

Our ever expanding range of titanium based primers, are finding increasing use in the fabrication sector, particularly in companies engaged in vehicle conversion. These primers have been shown to drastically increase the adhesion of both adhesives and in particular sealants, to a range of metals such as aluminium and Zintec.

Are you looking to decrease production times while at the same time increase product quality? Irrespective of the materials which you want to join or seal, we will have the optimum product to meet your gluing requirements.

Let our expertise in the formulation, development and manufacture of industrial adhesives and sealants work for you.