A Brief Look At Glue Crosslinking Agents.

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Glue crosslinking agents, kickers, hardeners…many names for a range of products which make our glues and sealants even better!

And if you are looking for the right glue with the right crosslinking agent, look no further!

But first of all, let us look at what they are. Crosslinking agents are chemicals which are added to adhesive products the aim of which is to increase certain properties of the adhesive. How do they do this? Well they form chemical links between molecules chains, which then form three dimensional networks. In effect, the molecule chains connect to each other, forming a closely knit network.

What benefits do crosslinking agents provide? They can increase the physical properties of the glue, for example, increase heat resistance, and greatly improve glue adhesion (how well the glue sticks to a material) and glue cohesion (how well the glue sticks to itself, and in doing so, create a tough film). They can also improve the chemical resistance properties of the glue. As an example, increased resistance to fresh water, sea water and solvents etc.

Crosslinking agents come in many forms and may be solvent based, water based or 100% reactive. Some crosslinking agents are free flowing liquids and some are thick pastes. Some are even powders!

Here are a few tips on the use of crosslinking agents:

  • Make sure that you are using the right crosslinking agent with the adhesive selected.
  • Use the exact amount of crosslinking agent. Too little or two much will cause issues.
  • When mixing with the glue, ensure that the glue itself is homogeneous, before adding the crosslinking agent.
  • Add the crosslinking agent slowly, ensuring good mixing.
  • Some crosslinkers, such as isocyanates as used with polychloroprene or polyurethane glues, are exceptionally moisture sensitive. After decanting, immediately close the storage bottle (a Glue Guru tip, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the bottle threads, this allows for easy removal of the cap)!
  • Store in a cool dark press and as always, use the oldest stock first.

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