Glue Problem Solved…….Again!!

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Being at the the forefront of the development, manufacture and supply of a range of industrial glues and sealants, has enabled our products to find use with glue users all over Ireland, the UK and further afield as far away as China. At the heart of this is innovation and a rapid response to your glue applications and problems.

To illustrate this, earlier this week, we were contacted by an existing adhesives customer. The problem? Several weeks ago, they had received engineering drawings for the manufacture of new model of weighing scales. Eighty units had been manufactured and soon after a problem arose.

It was discovered that some of the six threaded fixings, which attached the underside of the scales to the top pan, were coming loose! Within three hours of receiving notification of the problem, we had an engineer on-site. Turns out that the threaded fixings had slightly different thread configurations. While appearing, any movement was working them loose.

The solution? Scigrip T62 thread locker. Its the ideal choice for both fine and course threads. With a viscosity of 5,000 cps, it would cling to the female threads. Problem solved !!

We believe that your manufacturing time is precious. We train our sales and commercial staff to the highest level, thus ensuring that your glue problems and cured both on time, and every time. Do you have a glue problem?