Gluing Cadmium Metal.

Electronics Glue Ireland

Another metal glue challenge!

Cadmium, a metal which is truly unique! It resists corrosion, especially to salt and alkaline environments. Bluish-white in colour, it offers both thermal & electrical conductivity and both high & low temperature serviceability. Soft, malleable and ductile, cadmium is often used as a protective layer for other metals including iron, brass and aluminium. These coated metalsĀ are commonly use within the aerospace and electronics sector and it is within the latter that we recently had an enquiry.

A client contacted us looking for an adhesive to bond cadmium coated component terminals, onto a circuit board. The application, a high specification digital relay for use on gas pressure vessels. The problem was, since the component cost was rather on the high side, we were given only one component with a total of fourteen little legs! How could we test glues on such small components?

After some discussion, we decided to extrude some of our various methacrylate, epoxy and polyurethane glues into small thimble size cups, and while the glue was still within it’s working time, place half of the component legs into the glue. After 24 hours, the results were in. Polyurethane out, methacrylate a strong winner but epoxy won the day.

It was an interesting job for our laboratory, and perhaps they are the smallest components which we have worked with. Remember, next time you are faced with a tough metal gluing task, count on our technologists to solve any metal gluing problem.