Time To Consider Your Glues?

Glue Supplier Ireland

Are you using the safest glues?

The explosive growth in the implementation of both health and safety and environmental protection legislation, has made many glue users re-evaluate the types of industrial glues and sealants which they use.

This re-evaluation has occurred not only within users of solvent based glues, but also in other less noticeable glues (from a health and safety viewpoint at least).

Take a recent situation. A well established customer, received Head Office direction, to use a specific glue for a manufacturing process. The problem? The glue in question was a solvent based epoxy, and given the fact that we had replaced all of their past solvent based glues with our water based alternatives, you would be correct in assuming that our customer reservations.

The problem. Convince Head Office that our solvent free epoxy glue was a technically equivalent to the suggested solvent based glue. This could only be achieved through carrying out bond tests using customer supplied materials and a sample of the solvent based epoxy.

This is where our Technical Services step in. Our laboratories carried out comparative peel testing, and our results showed an equivalent peel resistance to the solvented alternative. Things take time, but after a six week wait, our product received the thumbs up!

You see, for any given glue, there is generally always an alternative. A safer alternative or indeed an alternative which offers manufacturers some type of saving. You may not be using the optimum glue….want to know more? Contact us and let our expertise assist you.