Take A Look At Our Butyl Tapes.

Glue Supplier IrelandSealant and glue on a roll!

As a class of adhesive tapes, butyl tapes are really in a class of their own. Versatile and reliable, their non-hardening elastic properties are legend.

Where are they used? Well their prime use lies within the construction sector, especially in the preparation of water and airtight joints within all types of compression joints and seams.

They are also used in the installation of commercial and industrial roof’s and gutters, where they act as a very effective barrier to water ingress. Our butyl tapes find use in cladding systems, cold stores, and within ducts and flanges in HVAC systems, in fact any building situation where cold and damp must be excluded. As regards other applications, the possibilities are endless, but as an example….

  • Fabrication of feed & seed silo’s,
  • Bonding and sealing Radon Barriers and air conditioning ducting.
  • As weather seals under mouldings; around windows, doors and vents.
  • Within the marine sector, where they are used to seal against water leaks when drilling screw holes for windows, awning track installation and stanchions etc.

What technical benefits will our butyl tapes offer you?

  • Highly resistant to movement and shock and can be easily adjusted both during and after it is applied to a substrate.
  • Strongly resistant to Ultra Violet light and protect many metallic surfaces from corrosion. Their adhesion increases with age, and they will bed-down to form the most durable joints.

What usage benefits can you expect?

  • Supplied in easy to use rolls, in a range of thicknesses and widths.
  • They are odourless, and may be easily applied by hand.
  • Solvent free and when applied correctly, offer airtight, waterproof joints which remain flexible throughout their service life.

¬†Why don’t you give our butyl tapes a go! Request a sample and immediately but the benefits of our butyl tape, to work for you!