A Neat Glue Application Trick!!

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Get the wood glue into where it is needed!

Sometimes, cracks or splits in wood are appreciated. Appreciated in that they may indicate age and maturity of wood. However for todays woodworker,  the time repairing the avoidable wood imperfection, is a wasted resource.

So here’s is a little wood glue application tip, which may appeal to all of you wood glue users out there!

Many of our sign and display glue users, use on of our syringes, to apply the glue into a joint. It’s handy, it enables the operator to measure the amount of glue which is being applied, and enables him or her to apply it precisely.

Recently, a woodworker asked us about the same thing. He was mixing fine sawdust with our W106 D3 wood glue, and using this mixture to fill small gaps. The on-going problem……clean-up, especially with timbers such as mahogany. The solution? Well we advised that the customer to mix our W106 wood adhesive with the sawdust as normal, and pour it into a 100 ml syringe. Lucky enough, we had some of these in our lab!

With this solution, its easy to put the right amount of glue exactly where you need it!

This is just one of the many dozens of ways that we can help you grow your joinery business. Let us be your wood glue partner.