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Where does a good glue or sealant idea come from and from where does an innovative solution originate? From the research laboratory? Perhaps yes but not completely.

A good technical solution can really only originate where you are close to the customer, and are in a position to understand the manufacturing process and the materials involved. This method not only involves a great deal of technical expertise, but a deep understanding of what manufacturers are looking for. The ability too to slot in the ideal glue or sealant for any given materials or processes.

As the premier manufacturer and distributor of glues, sealants, adhesive tapes and performance chemicals, such as antimicrobial coating and speciality primers, we have a broad range of innovative advancements to offer.

Examples include new biodegradable cleaners for metals and composites, novel primers for the surface treatment of plastics, metals and composites. Novel primers which turn a highly porous material into a highly water repelling surface. Adhesives, green adhesives which are odourless and biodegradable.

Discover the quality and variety of our glues and sealants, and learn how our products and those of our principles, will live up to your requirements. Our technical staff will be pleased to carry out a visit. We are only an email or phone call away.