The Glue Enquiries Continue.

Glue supplier Ireland
Our story continues!!

Third week after the holidays and what busy weeks they have been! We are pleased to welcome on board another team member. Eoin joins our laboratories directly from graduating with a Degree in Materials Science from University College Dublin. Eoin will work within our composites laboratory, specifically in the area of adhesives for the renewable energy sector.

In the second week of January, we had several interesting enquiries, two of which were for the same type of product….potting compounds. Potting compounds are resins which typically come from the silicone, polyurethane and epoxy families. They are used to encapsulate delicate electronic devices and in doing so protect them from dust, vibration, water etc. As the only Irish manufacturer of potting compounds, our products are highly rated.

Finally, we have had our first snowfall in Ireland. Conditions may get worse, therefore be sure to protect waterbased and solvent based glues from cold conditions. Whereas solvent based glues can be rejuvenated when brought into a warm room, water based glues are damaged irreparably.

Remember, our chemists and engineers are always available to assist you with any glue or sealant enquiry, its what we do.