Best Wishes For 2017.

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Last day of Christmas.

Thank you everybody for helping to make 2016 a great year. We would especially like to thank our employees, customers and partners, for their commitment to our business growth.

Irrespective of what Christmas means to us individually, collectively we all benefit from the time off, the time to be with family and friends, and hopefully for all of us within the manufacturing sector, to look back on the past year and perhaps make plans for the new year.

Within our business, our proactive planning starts months in advance. As an example of this, we always expand and augment supply chains, for both raw materials and finished products. Over the years, we have found a continued growth for adhesives within the composites market. To address this growth, we have focussed less on the technology of composites materials themselves, and more on the possibilities of their use within the construction and transport sector.

Through Scigrip, our composites adhesives supply partner, and collaboration with the manufacturers of composite materials themselves, we have established ourselves as the leaders in the supply of adhesive and the technology to use it them with an ever increasing range of composite materials.

Our successful planning within growth areas, such as composite gluing, leads to a win/win for both our business and that of our customers. During 2017, let our engineers show you the benefit¬†of using Scigrip adhesives in a range of metal, plastic and composite gluing applications. Perhaps you’ll never look back!

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