The Mobile Glue System.

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The super portable glue application system.

Looking to use an upholstery foam and carpet glue, but don’t have access to compressed air onsite? Our new pressurised 17 kg glue canister will enable you to apply spray glue with ease. No compressor needed and can be use again and again. Want to know more?

The 17 kg glue canister is a completely mobile, self contained adhesive dispensing system. Via the regulator, the pressurised canister is connected to the hose and gun assembly. By turning the regulator, the canister is pierced and by simply squeezing the gun trigger, you have an immediate supply of glue. No need to worry about the hose and gun, with your first order, you’ll receive one!!

Aimed especially at general furniture manufacturers, flooring contractors, shop fitters and bar furniture installers, the 17 kg glue canister will enable onsite gluing, without the added cumbersome airlines.

But what about the glue itself? Well its a specially developed high solids, fast tack glue with a long open time and an exceptionally high tack level. This gives you immediate tack and hold, enabling reduced production times and more output. In short, improving your bottom line.

For all upholstery foam gluing applications and¬†carpet gluing jobs, its the only glue you will need. But it doesn’t stop there, the canister glue is the ideal choice for non-structural gluing applications such as gluing insulation materials such as Rockwool, phenolic foam and the like.

What benefits will the canister glue offer you?

  • Portable, self contained spray glue application system!
  • Exceptionally easy to spray, a fine web reduces bleed on thin materials.
  • Glue has immediate high tack, good strength development and good heat resistance.
  • Very good coverage, easily optimised to cater for different surface areas.

Want to find out more? Request a call from one of our engineers, and find out what our canister glue can do for you!