Glass Clear Sealant for Invisible Joints!

Sealant Supplier Ireland

The bespoke water clear sealant.

We all like clarity….don’t we? New or freshly installed glass is appealing, until it comes to that translucent silicone.

We know the in’s and out’s of sealants, and as Irelands most well known distributor of sealants, we are always pleased to introduce truly innovative sealant’s

Parabond Transparent is an exceptionally high quality water clear adhesive sealant based on DL Chemicals unique hybrid chemistry. Parabond Transparent was developed for use particularly within the construction & office fit-out sector, sectors which demand exceptional products with aesthetic appeal.

Solvent free, odourless, excellent clarity (water clear), Parabond Transparent will not corrode metals. It has excellent adhesion to most construction materials including glass, aluminium, galvanized & stainless steel, zinc, copper and all masonry surfaces!

Parabond Transparent is truly multi-functional, especially in those aforementioned applications where clarity is important. Applications such as sealing & bonding glass partitions, bonding and sealing display case channels and window display cabinets and for sealing safety glass.

Parabond Transparent is available in 290 ml cartridges and 600 ml foil packs.

For all of your sealing work where transparency is necessary, ask us for Parabond Construction.