Gluing Composite Stone.

Glue Supplier Ireland

Is it real or synthetic?

These days, it can be quite a job to distinguish natural stone from resin bound synthetic stone. The touch and feel is almost the same, however slightly warmer to the touch will often unmask the synthetic ‘other’!

In actual fact, composite stone is manufactured from a mixture of inorganic fillers which are bound with polyester or methacrylate resins which are formed into large slabs.

For many years, composite stone products have been  used as flooring or wall cladding in high-traffic areas such as airports or shopping areas. There has also been a recent boom for such materials in the private sector, as kitchen countertops and bathroom furniture must meet ever rising aesthetic and quality demands.

The major advantage of this material is that it combines the appearance of natural stone with some novel properties including higher productivity for processors and the wider variety of shapes which are producible.

Synthetic composite stone is also harder than natural stone, thus offering greater scratch resistance  and better dirt repellence. However in saying that, it is not indestructible. Not a week goes by when our laboratories are contacted my manufacturers or installers of composite work surfaces. Damage often occurs when the material is being cut or installed, and upto now, such damage was often difficult to repair.

For many years, we have supplied a range of degreasers, primers and glues, with optimum performance in all composite gluing applications. Our technology utilises the latest in epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic glues, offering the fabricator the ideal repair and renovation choices.

The use of an increasing range of synthetic materials in commercial and domestic applications, is an on-going challenge. With our glue solutions, you can meet these challenges head-on.