Gluing Kovar Alloy.

Glue Supplier Ireland

An unusual metal glue challenge.

Is there an ideal way to glue any kind of metal? What is the best metal glue?

These are the sort of questions which we are regularly asked. The first question is reasonably simple. Depending on the size, profile and use of the metal, there are optimum ways to glue metal, which solidly match the manufacturing process. As for asking about the best metal glue, well this is like asking somebody about the healthiest foods. Dozens of potentials!!

One metal, which last week graced our laboratory benches, is Kovar®. A start-up company required advice on gluing a Kovar® electronic component, within a housing for a set of electronic diodes. Certainly not the common or garden enquiry but an interesting application which we were determined to find a solution to.

Let’s look at Kovar®. Well this metal is a nickel-cobalt type alloy which is used by a number of sectors, including semiconductor, telecommunications, optical and aerospace.

Its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of borosilicate glass, having very low expansion characteristics, even during hot and cold cycles. The metal has a very high melting point and these qualities allow it to find use in the manufacture of transistors, diodes and speciality bearings.

Finally, given the unique properties of Kovar®, how difficult was it to glue? In actual fact, our first choice candidate adhesive worked, Scigrip SG6000. Scigrip SG6000 is a recent development from Scigrip, and knowing that it has good adhesion to cadmium, it was worth a try.

Scigrip SG6000 is an excellent performer! Primerless gluing, excellent build-up of strength, short fixture times and high heat resistance. Available in 400 ml cartridges from stock.

So next time you are faced with a tough metal gluing task, count on our technologists to solve any metal gluing problem.