Making The Best Glue Even Better!

Glue supplier IrelandOptimising glue performance

No branch of industrial technology and manufacturing stands still. As with all aspects of the chemical industry, the adhesives sector continues to develop advanced adhesive solutions to meet both todays and tomorrows manufacturing materials and process.

One class of adhesives which for decades, have been one of the most commonly used industrial adhesives, are two component methacrylate glues.

Methacrylate glues are used to glue three main types of materials, these being metals, plastics and finally composites. Unlike several other adhesive technologies, when using methacrylate glues, little surface preparation is needed. However in saying that, like all glue technologies, our laboratories always suggest that materials are clean and solvent wiped before gluing takes place.

Theoretical research continues on the modification of methacrylate adhesives with materials such as carbon fibre, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. Based on statistical analysis, our research has indicated that the additional of a small percentage of certain materials, will increase the tensile strength ( ASTM 1002-72. 0.5 mm gap, cured for 24 hours at 23 Celsius) of methacrylate adhesives increases by up to 30%. What other benefits could adhesive modification bring? The benefits could include higher flexibility, lower shrinkage and better slump resistance. And this could only be the start of it.

Using commonly available materials, we can change our expectations for tomorrow’s industrial glues.