An Age Of Adhesive Innovative.

Glue Supplier IrelandWelcome to the future

We live in an age where manufacturing business needs to look beyond the aesthetics of a product.

Customer engagement and loyalty count far more than features and benefits alone and in these times, your customers may interact with or even influence your product design.

Where welding, brazing and mechanical fixings of all shapes and sizes were common place in product manufacturing, nowadays, the use of industrial adhesives in the most demanding applications, is commonplace.

As Ireland’s only indigenous research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial adhesives, we are at the forefront of adhesives technology. But our expertise goes¬†far beyond adhesives. Within our research facilities, we have decades of expertise in many aspects of manufacturing, from materials science to joint design, we have the ability to respond to the most technical of manufacturing processes.

Industry accepts that in a modern manufacturing economy, the key to success is delivering innovative products and ¬†professional customer support……these demonstrate true differentiation.

At the end of the day, if you change the way that you innovate, you can develop manufacturing expertise which customers demand. In your everyday manufacturing, rely on our adhesive and materials expertise. Contact us today.