The Benefit of Direct Customer Contact.

Industrial Glue Supplier Ireland

Knowing the customer needs.

It’s an old saying……most new products don’t fail because R&D can’t come up with a good answer. They fail because R&D is trying to answer the wrong question’! Many suppliers of industrial glues and sealants, just don’t know what the customer really wants. They think they know, but in reality, the supplier may decide on what the customer wants. In other words, suppliers use indirect customer insight to reach their conclusions.

For us, direct engagement with the customer is what distinguishes us from others in the market. We speak directly with the customer, we meet with their production people, and in doing so, we jointly aim to establish the customers wants and needs. It may be to suggest an alternative glue. It may be to develop a new production process. Or it may be to develop a totally new manufacturing process.

Growth comes only from giving customers the products and services which they can’t get anywhere else, and meeting their needs.

What is better, maximizing company profits or focusing to understand and meeting the needs of our customers? Adding customer value forms one of the key strategies of our business. We have invested heavily in laboratory facilities, and partnered with several institutions, in the development of novel gluing technologies.

If you are looking for the best advice for gluing or sealing any materials, our laboratory doors are open.