How Long Will The Glue Last?

Glue Ireland

The big question?

Wow, last week was an extraordinary week for our team. So many customer enquiries, many new applications and many not so new!

One enquiry related to a CE Mark for one of our ABS bonding glues. Many hours of looking through various European Regulations, finally brought us to the answer. With the exception of construction sealants and tile adhesives, no other glues require a CE Mark.

Our Technical Department had many enquiries to address and questions to answer. All current and potential customers are so important to us, we always treated all of them with the same levelĀ of attention and service, that you would expect from the Glue Solutions Company.

One prospective customer posed a question that I have not been asked before, and that was ‘what was the design life on one of our adhesives’.

The question appears simple doesn’t it? We could say something like…well….the glue should last for five years, or ten years etc………but this would be foolish.

Why? Well like many aspects of manufacturing, the quality of an item depends on several factors. As an example, how was the item put together, what materials were used and how will the item be used. All of these points, and more besides, are critical in understanding how the glue will perform during its service life.

There are many factors at play in adhesive design life calculations. The adhesive is one of them, the others are the materials and the bonding processes. As an example, take an adhesive like Scigrip SG300, or its cousin Scigrip SG5000. Both adhesives are designed to bond certain materials permanently, but each has specific properties which lend their use to specific applications.

If we want to bond GRP which will be used to make vehicle mounted GRP tanks, well SG300 is the ideal choice. Since it has high fracture elongation, it will handle all of the rough and tumble! If we want to glue aluminium brackets onto ABS pipes, we need low elongation but very high tensile strength, therefore SG5000 is the choice.

We have customers who bond structural automotive parts with both adhesives. If used correctly, on the correct materials in the optimum environment in which they were designed for use, both of these adhesive bonds will last a lifetime. However, if the adhesive is used in an application which is outside its performance parameters, failure could be an option after all.

Most adhesives have a range of well defined possible applications. Many adhesives have been optimally formulated for specific uses, still other adhesive types may be used on certain applications, subject to testing and validation. But remember, for every material and application, there is the optimum glue.

Don’t forget, manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the product, not how it is used!

Take the unknown out of your adhesive requirements. We have many decades of expertise in the manufacture and supply of the widest range of glues and sealants imaginable!