Innovative Adhesives And Sealants.

Glue Ireland

Local supply and local service.

Glue and sealants are vital products in many key industries all over Ireland.

Their applications range from adhesives for paper, packaging, wood and flooring adhesives to sealants for wind power and the automotive sector.

W.I Polymers supply a range of  innovative products and technologies for these sectors so that customers can economically produce high-quality and environmentally acceptable products.

As an example, our assembly adhesives provide elastic yet firm bonds within the automotive and container assembly sectors. Since they do not contain dangerous materials, they have a low order and low toxicity. Additionally, many of these adhesives obviate the need for primers, speed up workflow and cut production costs and  increase the overall economics of production.

We also offer high-strength adhesives with a broad application range. As an example, our carbon modified structural adhesives feature fast strength development and outstanding adhesive strength – even when bonding two dissimilar materials. Compared to single component systems, our carbon modified adhesives exhibit excellent thermal stability, a key requirement in many applications.

As a technology leader within the adhesives and sealants sector, industry,  we take on the challenges of modern-day times.

Our services to the manufacturing sector, go far beyond the manufacture and supply of products. Our engineers and chemists are always available to work with you, suggesting the right products, and offering you the fullest of technical support.