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Flexible Glue!

We had a plethora of glue enquiries this week.

Some very interesting applications. For starters, a fabrication company contacted us looking for a glue to attach Spirolox® wave springs, to polycarbonate plastic. Not knowing exactly what these are, our engineer had to do a little bit of research, which did prove useful!

Manufactured by Smalley Steel Ring Company in Illinois, Spirolox® wave springs, are a unique space saving alternative to standard coil springs. When used correctly, a wave spring will take up any play within the fitting, and compensate for any dimensional variations.

From a manufacturing perspective, wave springs occupy an exceptionally small area and are the ideal choice when there are radial and axial design constraints.

It was the first time that our laboratories were asked to suggest a glue to bond such an item, and the application did not offer any technical barriers. The requirement was for an exceptionally fast cure glue, which had good flow properties and would not have any detrimental effect upon the polycarbonate. For us, the choice was an easy one…..A4545!

A4545 is a two component glue which is supplied in standard 400 ml cartridges. It is, what we would refer to, as a multifunctional glue. Multifunctional in that it will bond to most of the commonly available plastics, metals and composites. For this job, it offered the ideal balance of flow properties and cure time.

A4545 is applied by way of the standard two component application gun and accompanying static mixer.

And while we are on polycarbonate, did you know that polycarbonate is very prone to stress cracking? So in choosing a glue solution, we must be careful to suggest the correct grade for the given application. In some circumstances, polycarbonate should be primed and it is in priming that the fun and games start in earnest.

Luckily, over the years, our laboratories have developed a range of clear polycarbonate primers which optimise the adhesion of both adhesives and adhesive tapes.

These products form part of our range of high performance products, products which put you ahead.

Spirolox® is a registered trademark of Smalley Steel Ring Company, Illinois, USA.