Gluing Magnesium Alloy.

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In its elemental form, Magnesium is probably best known from our school days. It was the metal which was available in rolls (colloquially called ribbon) which burned with an exceptionally white, smoky flame. In its basic form,Magnesium is a silvery white metal which when exposed to air, tarnishes and forms a very thin oxide coating which protects the metal somewhat.

Magnesium is both ductile (can be drawn into wire form) and malleable (can be moulded to shape without cracking) and because it is one third lighter than aluminium, it is commonly alloyed with other metals such as aluminium, copper and zinc. These magnesium alloys, have excellent strength, high corrosion resistance and a truly top class strength to weight ration. These characteristics make magnesium alloys the ideal choice for many applications within the automotive and aerospace sectors. Typical applications include the manufacture of engine components, transmission shafts and bearings.

Using our 9002 adhesive, our chemists have recently developed a process, for gluing magnesium alloys. The process is quite simple and through extensive testing, has been shown to give optimum strength. follow this process, and we can ensure a top class bond!

  • Immediately before gluing, solvent wipe the¬†Magnesium alloy surface with our X320. This process removes any surface contamination.
  • Immediately after the surface prep step, apply a bead of 9002 adhesive onto one side of the magnesium alloy.
  • Bring the parts together. Ensure that a gap of approximately 0.5 mm is left. This may be achieved through the use of a plastic shim. Leave the glued parts undisturbed for two hours.

Our 9002 adhesive is supplied in a 50 ml cartridge which requires the use of an application gun and a static mixer. Both are available directly from us. Depending on the volume, other pack sizes may be available. Please enquire for details.

Finally, for any metal gluing application, count on our chemists and engineers to suggest the optimum glue. Our fully equipped test laboratory is always available to answer the most specific of requests.