Using Scigrip SG6005 Epoxy Resin Glue.

Glue IrelandThe ultimate epoxy glue.

Our door is always open. And so it was when a major firm of Cork based Architects contacted us, looking for information on the best glue for use with copper.

They were looking for a glue for gluing a decorative copper framework structure, into a hardwood frame, with compo­nents made of fibre reinforced composite! We constantly receive enquiries about gluing almost anything, and this was no different. However, there were some specific requirements placed upon whatever glue we could suggest.

The Architects  laid out the performance characteristics for the adhesive:

  • The glue must be clear and remain clear.
  • Offer high strength when subjected to repeated temperature fluctuations in the range between -10°C and +40°C.
  • Be able to fill gaps from 0.2 mm to 2.0 mm.
  • The glued parts must be capable of being moved 30 minutes after gluing.

In order to compensate the different linear deformations between the copper and composite material, a slightly flexible, thick film of adhesive was required.

The choice for us was simple, Scigrip SG6005.

Scigrip SG6005 is a clear, non-yellowing fast curing epoxy adhesive. It is a truly diverse adhesive in that it can join a huge array of different materials creating a high strength, water resistant bond. Once cured, this toughened adhesive can be machined, sanded and even painted! The SG6005 epoxy is non-solvent based, yet still provides accelerated cure system, allowing this grade to be the first choice for manufacture and repair applications alike. SG6005 offered the customer technical requirements……and more…..

  • Ultra Fast Cure
  • 15 Minute Fixture Time
  • Non Yellowing

The fact that the thickness of the bonded joint varied from  between 0.2  and 2.0  mm and the size of the copper component, some of which were upto 2.5 meters long and therefore subject the bonded joint to very high shearing deformation, did not offer any problems for the SG6005.

Scigrip SG6005 epoxy glue is stocked in 50 ml cartridges.

The closer we are to you, the better we can support you. Our application specialists will test the properties of your product by. Our mechanical and chemical experts will suggest the right adhesive, allowing you to do what you do best, manufacture top quality products. Remember, our door is always open.