W106 Waterproof Wood Glue.

Wood Glue Ireland

Looking for a premium quality wood glue?

There has been a growing trend in recent years, to offer woodworking shops an exterior grade one part wood glue, which produces waterproof bonds with exceptionally high heat resistance combined with ease of use.

Traditionally, waterbased glues for exterior applications were available as a two part system, where before use, the crosslinking agent is added to the glue……..the resulting mix having a limited mixed pot life. Combining our expertise in resin chemistry and our extensive knowledge of wood technology, our scientists recently developed W106, a premium wood glue for the most demanding applications.

W106 may be used for all exterior wood bonding processes including all hot and cold jointing and laminating processes. The product exhibits exceptionally high water resistance combined with the highest known heat resistance of any wood glue. W106 displays excellent resistance to the tendency for discolouration, typically seen in tannin-rich timbers.

W106 is chiefly used for gluing internal and external furniture. Typical applications include decorative and structural panelling, fire and security doors, window frames, stairs and indeed any gluing process where the materials are made of wood or derived from wood based materials.

What are the distinguishing usage and performance features of W106?

  • Durability Class Specification D4 in accordance with DIN EN204-2001 (Classification of thermoplastic wood adhesives for non-structural applications).
  • Heat resistance and meets the requirements of DIN EN14257-2006 (Watt 91).
  • Excellent processing properties, perfectly suitable for application through a wide range of machines including Lamello, Weinig and Orma.
  • Excellent bond strength at elevated temperatures combined with a very fast setting speed.
  • Outstanding creep resistance and excellent resistance to long-term static loading.
  • Supplied in both 25 kg and 1000 kg pack sizes (other pack sizes may be available upon request).

W106 is a top quality D4 glue, developed and manufactured in Ireland.

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