Gluing Plastics In Medical Device Manufacture.

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Ireland is renowned for both developing and manufacturing speciality electrical equipment for the hospital & laboratory sector and as the best known glue company in Ireland, you can be sure that we have a glue for almost any job.

Over the past few decades, plastics and composite materials have replaced metal in many applications. For example, in the manufacture of instrument housings, plastics and composites excel in their moulding ability, thus enabling more aesthetically pleasing shapes.

Now let us examine two of these plastics and take a brief look at where they are used and what glue we would suggest.

Polycarbonate is a high surface energy plastic making it easy to glue. We have a range of customers, who manufacture We have a range of adhesives for gluing polycarbonate, the most respected glue being Scigrip SG5000, but demanding on application, there are others. Our technical department can advise.

ABS is becoming more popular, particularly for housings for instrumentation. Like polycarbonate, ABS is a high surface energy plastic and bonding it is not a problem. Scigrip SG5000, SG300 and SG6000 are all capable of gluing ABS, the choice of which one to use, depends partly on local manufacturing conditions..

These are only two of the many plastics which are commonly used in the manufacture of high-end instrument housings. Our Technical Service Department are always available to answer your plastic gluing questions.