Gluing Artificial Grass.

Glue Ireland

How about an all-weather pitch?

Are you planning to lay artificial grass….given the weather which Ireland experiences, it would ensure play during all seasons!

It is becoming more and more popular in Ireland and reading these few suggestions, will help give you a beautiful synthetic lawn.

As the best known glue company in Ireland, we stock a range of glues most suitable for gluing synthetic grass.

We also have decades of glue expertise, thus ensuring that by using our advice and premium industrial glues, you are well on the way to having a maintenance free synthetic lawn. The most important aspect is the base.

The area should be clearly marked and chalk arrows should point to the direction at which the grass will run. Don’t forget, always run the fibre grain of the grass, against a slope! Finally, if working outdoors, don’t lay synthetic, ensure that there are three dry days each side of the application day.

Here are some basic tips for you to follow.

  • On the basis that you have prepared the base area, first roll the turf onto the area, always making sure that the fibres always run in the same direction.
  • Next, lay the next roll beside the first, overlapping the edges by about 300 mm.
  • Using a piece of chalk, mark the centreline of the seam on the base
  • Using a sharp craft knife, trim the overlap to match the trimmed edge of first roll and apply a weight, such as a concrete block to prevent the grass from moving.
  • Select the glue. We offer a range of different glues, the choice on which one to use, depends of several factors including the type of base onto which the grass will be glued, and whether the location in inside or outside.
  • Apply the glue to both sides of the full overlap area and allow the glue to ‘tack off’ (the glue should be touch dry). Glue application is best made with a stiff brush.
  • Lay the glue covered areas of each strip directly onto glue covered area on the base and the adjacent roll (exercise care not to trap any grass within the glue). It is a good idea to have a second person applying weights to the glued areas.
  • Keep the weights on the seam for approximately 24. The job is done!

 Remember, we  stock the optimum glues and thinners for all grass gluing jobs. We are just a phone call away!