Our Individual Service.

Glue Ireland Individual consultancy services

It has been a very busy June for our laboratories. With many projects on the go, the range of industrial glue and sealant inquiries combined with our consultancy services, is astounding.

Pictured left is a Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus. A device which is over 100 years old, but which still finds use in analytical chemistry. It was with such a device, that recently our chemists were asked to extract a plasticiser from a sample of a competitors adhesive. The reason, the adhesive was used in a food packaging application, and should not have contained phthalate plasticiser.

A major construction company asked our laboratories to examine a rooftop car park, which had been painted some two years prior, and was now showing gross coating failure. Using our analytical skills, we were able to identify the root cause of the coating failure.

A manufacturer of sports goods had asked us to specify an adhesive for proposed product development. We were contracted to carry out bond tests and advise on proposed joint design.

A range of very individual and unique consultancy services, tailored to meet the needs of the individual customer. This is what we offer, the complete technical solution to a range of industrial problems.