The Ideal Glue Partnership!

Glue Ireland

Looking for the right glue partner?

The end of another week of advising customers on the benefits and use of glue! Not a week goes by when a totally new application arrives with us and we feverishly endeavour to suggest a glue, mastic sealant or tape from our range.

Many of our newer customers are start-up companies. Companies with a product idea, who need local technical support. Companies who know that the success of their project may depend on the right bonding product being suggested, and the right technical support to use it.

As an example of this, one of our prospective customers  has developed a device, part of which will be submerged underwater. The requirement was for a water clear, pourable resin which would encapsulate the delicate components, keeping water out and offer excellent arc and tracking resistance. The answer was simple. Several years ago, we developed DP 510A,  a two component water clear silicone rubber which was originally developed for cast moulding! We thought it was worth trying and it was worth it! Our product offered the ideal mixed pot life and cure time, and of course satisfied the technical performance requirements.

What does this tell you? We listen to and work closely with our customers. We examine the problem and through decades of expertise in problem solving, come to the right solution. No matter where you are of what materials you are gluing or sealing….if we don’t have the product on the shelf, we’ll develop it for you.

For us, it’s all about partnership.